Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joys of the treadmill

Well I went to the gym this morning. Good for me, right? Well it was good for the most part. 3 hours of sleep and getting up at 4 am didn't keep me in the greatest of moods but somehow I managed to survive. My bestie generally likes to use the elliptical machine so I struggle along next to her since I figure it must be good for me. Lots of fitness magazines say ellipticals are great work out and I can see how that would be true. For me however, I just end up not being able to breathe very well whenever I use the elliptical. So I figured today I'd try just getting my cardio on with the treadmill.

I didn't run. I honestly never run. I'm not a runner, I can't run. I always think that eventually I could learn to run correctly, or just even like to run but I just don't think it's for me. First I can't breathe when I run. Second I get major headaches when I run, and third, I don't like running because I don't like my fat jiggling all over the place while I just torture myself. So today I just decided to walk. I walked fast enough that it was getting my heart rate up and I was sweating a little bit but it wasn't fast enough that I was almost jogging or that I couldn't keep up with it. I feel pretty good after. It made me happy. I think I'll keep it up and start doing it more frequently.

Just a little fun fact for ya'll: When you are using a treadmill and you have it on 0% incline, you're actually doing yourself more harm than good. 0% incline is actually slightly downhill and thus puts more strain on your legs. Looking at the machine you won't notice it but over time your body will feel it. They say it's best to put your incline on 1% because it evens out the machine enough that you're walking on a flat surface. Fun stuff, huh.:)

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