Saturday, April 2, 2011

My laugh/ sense of humor

I love my laugh! Over the past week, I've gone out with my friends on two different occasions and both times we've been at restaurants. My laughter was the loudest thing there and I feel like it carried through the entire place. I love that about myself! And I love laughing, and making people laugh! You always hear that fat girls use humor to hide behind their feelings. I think that's true to some extent but I also think that some people are are just naturally funny. When I go back and read through my high school yearbooks, almost every comment is about how I made someone laugh or how hilarious I am. I really, honestly think that's true about myself. I think I am a really funny person and generally I have no problems making people laugh.

I know some people hate how they laugh or hate how loud their laughs are but not me. I absolutely love my laugh and my sense of humor that makes other people laugh. I do admit that I might use humor to hide behind my feelings about being fat but for the most part, I really am just a funny person. Now if only I could get that humor to translate through this post......... :)

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  1. Emily I love this! You are seriously one of the funniest girls I know, and every time I'm around you I can't help but be happy. You crack me up!!!