Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week One

Well, my first week wasn't great. BUT, it can only get better from here.

Monday April 13
            -  I drank 64 oz. This was my best day of the week
Tuesday April 14
           -  I drank 48 oz.
Wednesday April 15
           - I didn't drink any water this day, and maybe I had two Dr. Peppers
Thursday April 16
           - No water again today, only one Dr. Pepper
Friday April 17
           - I only tracked 16 oz but I drank 24 oz.
Saturday April 18
           - I drank a few sips here and there at work but it didn't even amount to 8 oz.
Sunday April 19
           - I drank 8 oz.

Not a great week but Monday was the best I've done in a long time! I felt so great that day and tried to keep the momentum going but that pesky Dr. Pepper was just calling my name, multiple times!

So far this week, Monday and Tuesday, I haven't tracked any of my water intake. I'll get back at it starting tomorrow. The key to being successful is overcoming the minor setbacks and refocusing at the start of  every day!.

In other news, my husband surprised me with an early birthday present, a Fitbit Flex. I'm so excited to start using it to enhance my weight loss experience and motivate myself to do more every day!

Here's to a better next week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome back Emily

Whale, Whale, Whale...I'm back.

And yes, I wrote whale instead of well. Because I'm feeling as large as a whale now so I threw that in there.

Last time I wrote here, I was feeling so optimistic about Curves Complete and I have posted some before photos. Needless to say, I didn't stick with the program and those before photos would be welcomed back now given my current state.

I'm somewhere between 250-260 lbs now. I can't bring myself to get on the scale. But I can feel it. I can see it. And I don't like it.

So I'm starting with one goal this week. DRINK MORE WATER! I feel better when I do this and I know my body functions better with enough water in the system.

I've downloaded an app called "Water Your Body." I put in my weight and it calculated how much water I need based on that number. Currently I need to drink 126.5oz of water a day. On a good day, I hit MAYBE 40oz. So that's my goal this week. Starting tomorrow, 4/13/15, I'll be working every day to reach my water needs. I think a small, short goal will be easier for me to complete and it'll get me in a better habit of drinking more water.

Here's to running to the bathroom ten times a day and chugging water while pretending it's Dr. Pepper.