Sunday, May 1, 2011

It's a new month!

It's May 1, 2011. The biggest change happening this month is that I will be turning 21!!! I am somewhat excited but at the same time, kinda scared. Getting older means having more responsibility and just other things that scare/worry me. I have 3 days left as a 20 year old. I guess I just better enjoy it, huh?

So I've decided that I don't want this blog to be just about my weight loss efforts. Which, in a sense, I guess it's not. I'm working on three aspects of my life : to be Pretty, to be Hot, and to be Tempting. However all three of those things seem similar to me. I feel like everything I wanted to focus on has to do with my appearance, and while I do want to change my appearance obviously, I also want to become a better person in the process.

I wanted to become more involved in Church, grow closer to the Lord, build stronger relationships with my husband/family/friends, become more charitable, work to help save the planet, etc. There's just so many things I want to improve on to become a better person not only on the outside but on the inside as well. So I've decided to set  a few different small goals that helped to work toward each of the things I want to achieve.

1. For my health goal, I want to not drink soda for the whole month and start drinking at least 2 full water bottles daily. I have a camelbak water bottle that is 24 ounces so drinking 2 a day is 48 ounces and I think that's a pretty good place to start right?
2. For my religion goal, there are two parts. Attend Church every Sunday no matter how tired I am from working graveyards the night before. And establish a scripture reading schedule to where I'm not only reading my scriptures every day but actually studying them and trying to learn everything I can from them.
3. Inspired by my bestie whose motto is "We Are The World", I'm going to start a recycling effort. This might be a little hard in my home because my husband doesn't care about it but I really want to work on it. I'm going to talk to my bestie and see what she does with her recycling and I'm really going to make an attempt at this. I want to help save our planet before it comes down to us having nothing left!
4. To improve my overall self esteem, I'm going to come up with a positive mantra to repeat to myself every morning, or just throughout the day when I'm feeling down about myself. I'm going to think about the mantra tonight and then I'll let everyone know tomorrow. But having great self esteem will have a positive impact on every part of my life and that's something I'm looking forward to!
Okay, this post is long enough already but I'm excited to be working on these goals for this month! It's going to be excited to see how things change!

*I laugh everyday. People like me. I am unique. I like to smile*


  1. for your religion goal, I have a Life Application Study Bible that has helped me understand SO much- I'm reading through the Old Testament which for me gets boring because I have no idea what's going on or why it's happening, but this study bible has little notes at the bottom that corresponds with certain verses to explain what's going on in that verse or at that point in time. I LOVE it, and I'm actually learning and understanding what I'm reading now! I highly suggest it- I got mine online, but I'm sure there at a bookstore somewhere too...

    Best of luck with your goals this month! I'm thinking about putting together a dream board for this my 23rd year, so I can have something to look at to motivate me to accomplish some things. Thanks for that idea from an earlier post!

  2. I'm so proud that you want to GO GREEN!!! Well I love all your goals but that one is awesome! I will help you with anything you want help with. Ashlee's the name, saving the Earth the game! you are doing great with all your goals love you Bestie!!!