Friday, May 13, 2011

No Pain, No Gain


Sometimes I wonder about this quote. I know it means you have to do the work and feel the pain to get the what you want or the gain. But other times I think "NO GAIN" and in my mind that's exactly what I want, NO GAIN. I don't want to gain anymore weight! I told ya'll about how I lost 4 pounds when I was sick. Unfortunately I gained 2 back but I've managed to keep the other 2 off! I'm rather proud of myself. Small steps at a time my friends, small steps at a time.

Other times I think of the quote like this quote "NO LOVE, NO PEACE. KNOW LOVE, KNOW PEACE." So now instead of NO PAIN, NO GAIN it shall be known in my mind as KNOW PAIN, KNOW GAIN!!!!! I always wimp out at the gym because I feel a little bit of pain and immediately have to stop. I know it's not good to keep working through the pain, I guess I mean I feel the burn and I give up. I'm never going to see results if I don't do the work. So frustrating I know but there are no magic cures when it comes to weight loss. Reminds me of the Saved by the Bell episode I watched yesterday. Screech invents this "miracle" zit cream that gets rid of pimples in about 2 hours. Zach decides to sell it to everyone in school, including his love Kelly, only to find out after from Screech that the cream turns your face maroon! The morale of the story is there isn't a quick fix for things like that, not zits, not weight loss.

I went on a hike today with my hubby, sister, and bro-in-law. Now mind you this isn't a bad hike, not by any means. But I kid you not, not even 5 minutes into it and I was already stopping because my legs were burning, I couldn't breathe, and I was just plain struggling. I was so embarrassed! I knew I was out of shape but honestly I didn't know it was that bad. I kept stopping on the trail to let other people pass me and there was a couple that got up to the top and back before I even got to the half way point. Good thing I was wearing my sunglasses so no one could see me cry. I eventually made it to the top but by then I was just dying to get out of there. I just couldn't believe that a 3 mile(total) hike was so hard for me. On the way down, my sister stated that her and her hubby would like to do that hike twice a week and invited us to join them. I looked at her as if she was crazy and firmly stated that I hate hiking and don't want to do it again. However I want to be able to complete that hike without having to stop every few minutes or being so out of breathe that I can barely talk. I don't want to be that out of shape! So I guess I'm going to have to go along with the gang and participate in these hikes. Eventually I'll be able to make it, right?
I still managed to smile after the hike


  1. One step at a time girl. The hardest part of ANYTHING is getting started. Getting to a point where it doesn't hurt anymore, is such an exciting place, and you will get there :)

  2. Hi, I just found y our blog! COngrats on your marriage and good luck becoming PHAT!!! You will do it!!!

  3. SO true about there not being a quick fix. If there was, there wouldn't be SO many people going through the same thing. Love the blog and I am so glad you're on board with the challenge! Send me an email so I can get your email address, (I won't be sharing it). It will just be easier to communicate. :-)

  4. I just found your blog !! Congratulations on getting married, I'm 22 myself and just got engaged almost a month ago !! I think something that is easily forgotten because people tend to be their own toughest critics is that we need to remember to give ourselves credit when deserved !! The important thing to remember is that you DID the hike, it may have been hard but you did it so good for you and keep it up :):)

  5. Hey, I just wanted to say I wasn't offended by what you said. I actually enjoyed reading it. It gives me an idea of what children from interfaith marriages come from and it'll give me an idea of what my future kids will endure. Thank you for your support and I hope all works out for you!