Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exercise releases endorphins, Endorphins make you happy!!!!!!!

I'm sure everyone has heard that quote from Legally Blonde. I didn't know it was actually true until I worked out the other day. I came home in such a great mood! My husband loved it and I felt fantastic. I finally know what people are talking about when they say they have a workout "high". I think that's something I could maybe get addicted to lol. Now I know it's impossible to already see results but I just feel a little smaller when I look at myself and I really like that. Even just feeling that way helps me know it's possible to eventually be the way I want to look!

I've been working on my dream board over the weekend. I thought I was doing pretty good until I realized I had more positive, uplifting words (which is good), but not enough pictures of ways I want to look. So it's still a work in progress but no worries, it's almost complete! I'm just really excited about it and can't wait until it's completely done. I think it's going to help motivate me even more.

I'm just feeling really positive about everything right now. I really think it's going to work this time. I'm going to be different!!!! It's going to be great!

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