Monday, March 21, 2011

Doctor Aftermath

Well going to the doctor today was kind of a bust. He got my records from my two previous doctors so that he had all my information. Needless to say, after reviewing my files, I feel like he thinks what I told him about having PCOS and Hypothyriodism is a bunch of crock. I mean, those doctors are the ones who told me I had those things so I'm not sure what their notes say otherwise. Either way, the doctor had me get my blood drawn (AWFUL), and had to me a gluclose test to see if my pre-diabetic condition was improving or had gotten worse.

I figured the doctor would put me on the same medications that I was on before to help with these problems but he doesn't think they are going to be much help to me. I guess once we get the blood work back, we might find out something different but for now I'm medication free. The doctor compared being overweight and eating all the time to being a heroin addict. That just made me so happy, let me tell you! I was so upset by that I leaned over and jokingly said to my husband "I wish I was a heroin addict, then I'd be SKINNY!" I don't really wish that, I swear. I would never want to do that to my body! I was basically told today that I have to work really hard for a really long time to lose the almost 100 lbs I'm carrying around or get surgery. The doctor doesn't think I really have any other options.

Obviously, I'm WAY against surgery. It just isn't for me.  I want to do this the right way, the healthy way. I've gotten my husband to agree to get healthy with me and my bestie has agreed to start working out with me again. I'm actually getting excited because I know I can do this. I know I can change my body and my lifestyle. I want to love myself! However, the biggest reason I want to lose weight is for someone else.

My husband is not able to have children, and we'd like to use a sperm donor to start our family. At my current weight, and with the problems I have, it would be near impossible for me to have a safe, healthy pregnancy. Derek and I have always said we'd wait about a year before we started planning for a family so I'm going to take this year and get healthy. I want to have a family, I want to be a mom. Being around my sister lately has really reinforced the idea. We both struggle with infertility in our lives and I'm so glad I have her to go through things like this with. So as I said, my biggest reason for wanting to lose weight is for someone else, my future family.

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  1. Oh my little Jo Jo, You made me cry. I love you, and I want to support you any way I can!