Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Monday is officially Day One!!!

Alright alright, I know what you all are thinking, "geez! when is this girl going to get her act together?" I've been saying that I need to get started and yet I haven't done one single workout! Well actually I think lifting girls at work counts as a workout cause I can already see some firmness to my arms but that's just my own thinking. Anyway, since I've been down with "lady sickness" for the past couple of days, not much has been getting done. Tomorrow I will be cured of said sickness but it's Sunday and I want to sleep in and relax. So Monday it is.

I know that to get a really great workout, you need hardcore cardio. For me, I'm not really into all that jumping, running...flailing about basically. I like more relaxed workouts, but ones that are still effective. Pilates. Yoga...some other things I need to figure out but you get the idea. The workout that I'm going to focus on this week is one from last month's SHAPE magazine. It's an ab workout and all you need is an exercise ball, and two 3-5 lbs dumbbells. I've already got those tools on hand so I figure why not give it a shot!

I don't think it feasible to believe that I'll ever have 6 pack abs but I most definitely would love a flatter stomach. And starting this workout and taking little steps at  a time is going to help me achieve that goal. It's not going to be an immediate fix, I know that, but I'm really ready to work on getting fit now. Even though I have about 89 lbs to lose, my goal for the year is to be down at least 30 lbs. I feel that a more attainable goal for now instead of  outrageously thinking  I could lose all 89 lbs this year. It'd be awesome if that COULD happen but like I said, attainable goal.

I'm actually really looking forward to trying this workout and I'm going to see if I can find a link to post it on here. I'm also going to take a before picture prior to starting the workout. Hopefully if all goes well and I can figure out how to post pictures on here, I'll be posting a picture maybe every month to show my progress. And eventually I'll get around to telling everyone that one, not so little number that I'm going to be working so hard to change!

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  1. Yay! good for you... way to stay positive.. ha ha.. I love my ballet Pilates work out cuz much like you im not all into the running and jumping around work out..