Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And so it begins.....

Hello blog world!
               Okay I'm not gonna lie here, I'm not the best at keeping up a blog. I never know what to write, or if anyone would even care what I write. But then again, maybe I just need this for a place to vent. Either way, here it goes.

               So you know that one number that all women lie about? The one they'd be mortified if anyone found out? Yeah I'm not talking about age here, I'm talking about weight. Honestly, if  it ever came down to it, I'd glady sing my age over my weight any day. For those of you who don't know, I'm 20 by the way. As for my weight......well maybe I'm not quite ready to tell that number yet but I will tell you this: This blog is going to follow my adventure in making that weight number become a lot smaller!

              Some days are going to be tough..Okay who am I kidding? Most days are going to be tough. I'll complain about getting up early to work out, I'll complain about how my husband has steak while I'm stuck with a salad, maybe. But there are also going to be victory days. Days when I can't help but brag about how well I think I'm doing, or about a new recipe I've tried, or a new class.  All that I hope for this blog is that it can be a place where I can express myself as I try to better myself. And this isn't about just losing weight though, it's about finding in inner, gorgeous me that I know is just dying to come out. Every day that the real me is hidden inside, she is dying a little so I need to find her before she is completely gone!

              So get ready for the ups and downs, the tips and advice, and enjoying the journey of a 20 year old girl as she strives to become the P.H.A.T woman that she is!

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