Thursday, June 9, 2011

StS Day 4

Well I'm sure this will come as no shock to people who know me but I'm sick again. Pretty sure my Hubby got the 24 hour flu that's flying around and of course I just managed to catch it as well. I think part of being overweight is that i have a weakened immune system. I don't know this for a fact but either way, I have a crap immune system and I get sick ALL the time. So I'm down for today. No exercising and just slowly eating saltine crackers so that I don't end up throwing up again. Exceeding my water goal today though. So far I've had 6 water bottles. That's 144 ounces so far for the day. Yes I've been to the bathroom frequently, minus the "stage fright" at workmed when I had to pee in a cup for a pre-employment drug test. Took me almost 2 hours to finally get it over and done with, even though I'd had tons of water. Psh, oh well. The most important thing is that I'm staying hydrated and it's even more important now that I'm sick and throwing up and such. I'm hoping and praying this really is only a 24 hour bug, the nurses at workmed said it's a 3 day flu and that's not something I can do. Off to continue my rest and relaxation so I can get better. Find a way to feel P.H.A.T today!!!!!!!!


  1. I hate those pre-employment drug tests! It's crazy because you know you have to go, but aahhh the frustration of a shy bladder. I found that the funny part of your blog - being sick, no joke at all though. Good job on water intake, feel better soon.

  2. So sorry you're sick! Ick! But once you feel better...maybe just write down everything you eat with some sort of size description? I get crazy counting calories, too, and I don't. But they are there to be figured out if I stop losing weight.

    Have a good--at least better--weekend!