Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Slimmer this Summer!!!!!!!

Alright so I've joined a blog challenge. It's called Slimmer this Summer and there's a little thing on the left side of my blog if you want to check it out! I'm new to the whole challenge thing but I'm pretty excited about it. The challenge runs for 12 weeks and the "rules" are pretty simple. You come up with a few goals like how much weight you want to lose, how many times a week you're going to exercise, etc. You're accountable for yourself and your progress or lack there of so you have to do at least one blog post a week, even if you have a less than stellar week ya still gotta write about it so everyone can give you words of encouragement! Oh and that's another rule, NO NEGATIVITY!!!!!! We're here to support each other, not bring each other down. So always stay positive, not only for yourself but for the other people in the challenge as well. Anyway, to learn more, check out that link I mentioned above and see for yourself! I think it's going to be great!!!

So now onto my goals. I've been struggling to think of which goals I'd like to work on and how exactly I would go about doing them. I think I've got my goals narrowed down and I'm feeling pretty good about them but then again, knowing me, I'll probably think of more goals to add or revise my goals in the next couple of days. Well here we go......

1. Lose 20 pounds and keep it off!!!!!!!

2. Drink 96 ounces of water a day! That's my Camelbak water bottle filled up 4 times!  

3. Establish a workout routine that involves 4 workouts a week plus three walking days! I'm thinking workout DVDs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday and walking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

4. Fit back into my cute green shirt without it being tight! A little over 9 months ago I bought a cute green shirt to wear to the airport for my hubby's homecoming from his mission. That day is the one and only time I've worn the shirt since it's purchase. I went to wear it the other day and it no longer fits! So it's my goal to get back into this shirt!
So for now those are the goals I'm working on. I've still got one running around in my head but I'm not sure exactly how to put it into words or how to make it happen so that's one I still need to think about. I'm really super excited to work on these goals especially since we're taking a trip in January for our 1 year anniversary to......
We went there for our Honeymoon thanks to Hubby's wonderful cousin A. She's hooking us up again so we can celebrate our anniversary in the place "Where Dreams Come True", which makes me especially happy since my Hubby is my DREAM COME TRUE!!!!! When we went this past January, I weighed in at about 220, same as now. I'd like be to under 200 and maybe back down to my pre-mission weight of 184. I'd like to look a lot different in these pictures this time around. Well that's about all for this post as of now, I don't want to keep it going cause I don't want to get you all bored :) I do however have one final picture to post that I've been promising to post for a while so here it is. My dream board!!!!!!
I'll see you all back here in a few days to give an update to the challenge!!!!


  1. You're so amazing Emily :) And WOW, you're getting another amazing trip to Disneyworld for reals and I am very jealous!! I LOVED the pictures of you in that shirt when Derek got home. The color is incredible on you, and it's a fun cut!! You are so awesome, thanks for reminding me to set some goals for my own summer! I've only got 2 months until the person I really care about comes home haha. Anyways, I just think you are amazing and I hope we play again soon :)

  2. Love that shirt. It definitely needs to be worn.

    Let's make record loss this summer. '11 to Onederland for some! Hopefully me as well before the year is over. Because IF the Mayans are right, I want to face 2012 looking like Mila and if it is a Zombie Apocalypse I will look good and kick ass. LOL

  3. The cute shirt will be too big in no time, then you get to go shopping!! :-)

  4. I have a goal shirt too, it still has the tags on. I think cute clothing is a good motivator, best of luck and glad to be in the challenge with you!

  5. If you're still on board, link this post into my blog on my recent post on the bottom. Linking in is the best way for everyone to meet you and to see your progress. Thanks!

  6. Hi this is Nicole from Colie's Kitchen! I am also doing the summer slim down. I wanted to drop by and say hi. I am a new follower of your blog and I am looking forward to seeing you great results. I would love to have you stop by sometime. Nicole @