Tuesday, June 7, 2011

StS Day 2

Alright so day one of the Slimmer this Summer challenge(StS) was yesterday and lets just say that I might have forgotten.....

I ended up drinking 3 out of 4 water bottles and I was pretty proud of myself for that. I didn't get to my exercise DVD but I did do about 4 hours of housework and packing. So that balances out right? I was doing pretty well with my eating until it got to about 9 pm. I was really craving mint brownies so I told my father-in-law that if he brought me the brownies, I'd clean his fiance's bathroom. I sold out for some brownies and ended up ruining my whole eating for the day. Complete bummer I know but I thought I did much better today.

I'm not counting calories or anything because I'm completely awful at it and don't have the patience to figure out all the calories so I've been working on portion control. I need to work on it a little more and make sure I'm adding healthier items into my menu. Overall though, I think I did okay. There is still definitely room for improvement on the eating front but that's what this challenge is for right? To learn to get into the groove of things and get slimmer! I did my walking to. Granted it was only 30 minutes but that's because I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I was proud of what I did though so that helps things. I definitely got my heart rate up and I was feeling the burn! I did more housework today and I'm going to go spend some time on the stair stepper once I finish this post.

This first week of figuring things out is a little more complicated then I thought it would be but I'm looking forward to the challenge. I'm ready to start shedding the weight!!!!!!! I'm totally feeling so PHAT right now!


  1. Damn those brownies being so good! ^_^ haha. I love you and your blog sooo much! You are so awesome. Have you thought of using Portion control plates? I think they are awesome, and some of them are designed so no one has to know that is what you are using. Like this one: (If the link works),r:17,s:0

    Just an easy way to know you are getting the right sizes without having to measure it out. :) Love you girl!!!

  2. Ok, here's a better link. Sorry for the huge one above. haha.


  3. The brownies aren't worth it and you know it. They tasted good for about 2 minutes in your mouth, right? Then what? 400 calories of junk in your body. or more, I don't know how many you ate. It's NOT worth it!! Trust me.

    Calorie counting can be a pain in the butt. Try it for a week or at least try it for SOME things, like your favorite foods you eat all the time. It's great just to be AWARE of what the damage can be. Portion control is great but when you're talking brownies, it's just not good at all when you're trying to lose weight. It's eating like that, that got us into this mess, we just need to take some time off to get healthy, then enjoy the treats. You can do this! I use for calories. It might help a bit.