Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeling a little down.

So with my last post, I was so excited to start this whole running venture but now that excitement has seem to worn off. The biggest reason is that I can't get started with my new adventure. We don't have the extra money for me to buy new shoes or a good bra, plus I'm sure I'll need knee braces because my knees hurt just from standing for long periods of time. How sad is it that at 21, I'm already having joint problems because of how much I weigh? Yeah, definitely sad, I know.

I got an email on Facebook today from a friend from my hubby's mission. She's read this here blog and I actually inspired her to by the couch to 5k app and she had just completed her first day! I'm so proud of her!!!!!!!! I only wish I could inspire myself the way I've inspired her. I really want to get started on this, I really do. I cry a little on the inside every time I think about wanting to work out and realize I can't do the things I want to do because I don't have the proper equipment. I don't want to injury myself in any way so I want to make sure I have the right stuff before I start. You'd think with working two jobs now, we'd have a little extra money but truth-be-told, we don't. Still trying to stick to our budget and so far we've been doing pretty great. There just usually isn't extra money for extra things. I'm thinking about getting a third job so that we'll have a little extra money so I can get me some exercise clothing and start this running stuff!!!!! We'll just have to see how it goes I guess.


  1. Hey Emily! I like reading your blog a lot... ah, the honest ups and downs of trying to get healthy. I've been working on building healthier habits lately...and it's been an adventure. Just wanted to pass along some things that have helped me...

    Work out clothes are LOTS cheaper at TJ Maxx and Ross. TJ Maxx has a better selection of clothes, and Ross seems to have a lot of decent shoes. I actually bought my last two pairs of running shoes at Ross and since I wasn't trying to run a marathon or anything huge, they worked great! I just bought a bunch of workout clothes at TJ Maxx and found a few awesome, quality sports bras for about $12...much less than I would have paid for the same thing at an athletic store.

    As for finding motivation, I try really hard to just take it one day at a time. Don't think about doing the 5k right now, just think about doing the first day (which is usually alternating walking and running). Also, it helps me when I plan a time to work out and then don't even give myself a second to convince myself not to. Like...usually it's right when I get home from work. I walk in, put my stuff down, and go straight to my room to change into my workout clothes, then walk out the door and go running...I just do it. But if I even stop to sit for 2 minutes, I usually convince myself I don't need to, or I can start tomorrow, or I'm too tired, or blah blah blah. Plan a time and then just do it without giving yourself time to think about it. Sometimes I even have to talk to myself and say things like, "No Katie, don't sit down. Go change. Walk out the door now. Start running now." :)

    Sorry for the novel... just thought I'd share some things that have made a big difference for me!

    Oh PS my sister has a blog a lot like yours and she is quite insightful about her weight loss journey! She is going through a rough patch and hasn't posted for a while, but here's the link if you want to read any of it:

  2. Just a thought...have you ever watched "The biggest loser?" This last season was the first time i've followed it, and it is SO inspiring! One thing that I was really impressed by, is that they can turn ANYTHING into workout equiptment! One time they lifted lawn chairs as weights, and show that it doesn't matter where you are there is ALWAYS something you can use to work out with. I don't have advice as far as work out clothing, but I've got tons of ideas (from the show) of easy cheap items to use in place of "real work-out equiptment". Don't give up Em! You are gorgeous-YOU CAN DO IT!